Estate Planning Legal Services for Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney

At Michaels & Company, our estate planning legal services ensure the responsible stewardship of your family’s wealth today and through subsequent generations. We protect your estate, savings or business through meticulous planning, ensuring that life’s uncertainties do not conspire to disinherit your true intended beneficiaries.

Problem Solvers, Solution Providers.

Michaels & Company specialises in robust estate planning and succession planning which extends far beyond writing a Will and the advice you are likely to receive from high street solicitors. We ensure your home, your business and your nest egg are safeguarded for your future generations.

Whether you want to make a Will, establish Lasting Powers of Attorney, set up a Trust or are concerned that your current arrangements are inadequate, talk to us. With over 40 years of experience and having consulted with thousands of clients, both private and business, we have all the specialist expertise you need to deliver dependable estate & succession planning legal services.

Regardless of the value of your estate, or your age, whether personal and/or business, attending to your affairs after you’ve gone, is one of the most important tasks that you are ever likely to undertake. This is our sole focus and we pride ourselves on the highest level of expertise.

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One Size does not fit all

Bespoke Estate Planning 

At the heart of everything we do, first and foremost, we understand that everyone is unique. We start by listening, and offer friendly, no-nonsense advice tailored precisely to your circumstances.

There are numerous ways in which your home, your savings and your business are vulnerable to claims against your beneficiaries, due to life’s uncertainties such as divorce, remarriage of surviving spouse, creditors, taxation or sudden ill health and accidents.

We are here to help you safeguard your hard-earned assets for you and your family, using simple yet effective, tried and tested Estate Planning Solutions, verified by qualified STEP practitioners and approved by Kings Counsel.

Personal Estate Planning

Why leave your wealth to your family, when you can pass it to a total stranger? Ridiculous question? You’d be surprised how often it happens! Estate Planning can avoid this.

Every year, thousands of sensible people hand their family’s wealth to complete strangers. Of course, they didn’t mean to. They intended that their home and savings, treasured possessions, things that have taken a lifetime to earn – should pass to their children and their grandchildren or other beneficiaries. So what went wrong?

Lack of a Will? Right… half of us die without making a Will, but whilst a Will is part of the answer, by itself it’s not enough. Even if you have made a Will, most of the Wills we review, leave loopholes which may leave your loved ones being disinherited of the estate you had intended for them. With almost 50% of all marriages failing and the breakdown of family life, it’s no wonder we’re reticent to tackle the thorny subject of Estate Planning. This often results in what we call, sideways or accidental disinheritance.

Sadly there are common risks which so many families face. Personal circumstances change, surviving spouse/partner remarries or care fees in later life. Third-party claims against children (or other beneficiaries) who then go on to divorce or face bankruptcy and creditors. The death of your child before their spouse and your son or daughter-in-law subsequently remarrying often results in grandchildren losing out to a complete stranger.

Statistically, it’s a lottery as to whether your true intended beneficiaries will inherit.

At Michaels & Company, as established Estate Planners we are experts in the responsible stewardship of your wealth, today and across the generations, ensuring that unforeseen events do not conspire to disinherit your true intended beneficiaries.

With a little trust and estate planning advice from Michaels & Company’s you can avoid handing a stranger (or The State), a windfall.

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“50% of those who die have no Will at all, however the lack of a Will is only a small part of the problem. Even if you have a Will, it could leave loopholes which will leave your loved ones being disinherited.”
Find out how we can protect your estate, savings or business with a free telephone or video call consultation

Business Estate Planning

If you are concerned about the impact your death (or your business partners/directors), will have on the business and surviving spouses, civil partners and respective families, then business succession planning is the solution.

Protecting yours or your partner’s share of the business and the most tax-efficient way to pass those shares to beneficiaries is of paramount importance to the successful continuance of the business.

Naturally, you may also be concerned about protecting your beneficiaries from all the threats that face many business partners and families, such as remarriage, subsequent divorce or creditors.

We can solve these issues with a business succession plan tailored to suit your planning requirements.

The death of either you or your business partners/directors will have a devastating effect on the continuing success of your business. Protecting your share, in the most tax-efficient way is a minefield. Inheritance tax is often referred to as a ‘voluntary tax’ as there are Inheritance Tax planning strategies available to reduce your exposure. None of us wants to pay more tax than necessary and at Michaels and Company we can help with legal documents to reduce the liability whilst protecting your family.

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“Protecting yours’ or your partner’s share of the business and the most tax- efficient way to pass those shares of the business to beneficiaries is of paramount importance to the successful continuance of the business.”

You could go to a local firm of Solicitors for Wills advice, but from our experience, this advice is often not their speciality and therefore they may not be best placed to offer you all the options. I am therefore suggesting that you approach a firm that solely deal in Wills and IHT planning. I would like to refer you on to Michael Doctors who has dealt with a number of our clients and the feedback we have received from clients has always been positive.”

Peter Jarman & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants

Here’s how we work


Visits arranged at home or your business premises at times to suit you.


In-depth analysis of your situation – family, business and assets.


Bespoke estate plan based on your personal needs – everyone is unique.


Experience, compassion and empathy to make appropriate recommendations.


Suggestions to protect your estate and potentially reduce tax liabilities.


Fixed fees agreed in advance. Trustworthy, confidential & personal service.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Experienced

With over 40 years’ experience within both the private and business sectors, we have provided advice to thousands of satisfied clients from all walks of life, working in association with qualified professionals such as STEP Practitioners, Barristers, Solicitors, Accountants, Licensed Conveyancers, Financial Advisors and ONLY those with industry-relevant qualifications.

Bespoke estate planning

Together with our associates, we have the experience and professional qualifications to guide you through personal and business complexities; ensuring you protect your family and estate for, only for those you truly wish to inherit, against the claims which sadly face many families – divorce, remarriage, creditors, care and taxation.

We see the whole picture

Providing an in-depth analysis of your family, business and assets, we report back with practical, simple and robust strategies to protect your estate and potentially reduce tax liabilities. Personal experience, compassion and empathy, ensure our bespoke estate planning legal services are based on your personal needs – after all, everyone is unique, and no one size fits all.

Let’s talk about protecting your home, your business, your nest egg.

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