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Why you may need a Will Review

Why leave your home and savings to your family, when you can pass it to a total stranger? This may sound like a ridiculous question, but you would be surprised how often it happens! 

Every year, thousands of sensible people inadvertently hand their family’s wealth to complete strangers. Of course, they did not mean to. They intended that their house and savings or business, things that have taken a lifetime to earn – should pass to their children and their grandchildren.

Sadly, there are common risks which all families face. Surviving spouse remarrying and in later life, residential care fees for the survivor (or both partners) are commonplace. With almost 50% of all marriages failing (this could be you or your children) and the breakdown of family life, there is an ever increasing likelihood that your hard-earned home and savings may end up in the wrong hands. What if your children predecease their spouses? You’ve probably left your estate to your In-Laws who may remarry.

Most Wills we review contain loopholes that you will be unaware of, which may result in your natural bloodline being disinherited or paying too much in tax.

Our FREE Will Review includes:

  • Initial phone or video call
  • A questionnaire as to your family circumstances and what you had intended to achieve
  • An in-depth analysis of your current Will
  • A follow up phone or video call to discuss any potential riskswith suggestions as to how to protect your estate from key risks*.
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About Michael & Co

Michael & Co is headed by our principle consultant Michael Doctors. Michael has over 40 years’ experience advising people from all walks of life; working with both business and private clients as Managing Director of a successful Information Technology business and within Legal Services.

With careful attention to detail he has the experience to address key issues such as; the dilution of assets from the effects of inheritance tax, long-term care, special needs or vulnerable beneficiaries, remarriage, divorce, bankruptcy and multi-generational tax liabilities.

Michael is a Fellow of The Institute of Paralegals – F. Inst. Pa and has also qualified with Central Law Training with a Certificate in Wills, Trusts and Lifetime Wealth Planning Strategies, including Trust Interpretation and Analysis.

All advice provided is covered by £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Institute of Paralegals
Central Law Training
Michael Doctors

Having developed a keen awareness of client requirements with a subtle, considered approach to personal estate and business succession planning, Michael has an abiding personal belief in professional etiquette.

*Terms & Conditions

Any initial suggestions on asset protection do not constitute definitive advice. We reserve the right to not provide precise advice specific to your circumstances, until such time as we are formally engaged to provide a report.